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1. What type of bicycles do you use?

2. Do you have bicycles for children?

3. What equipment do you supply as part of the tour?

4. Why don’t we organize departures directly from your hotel?

5. What happens in the case of bad weather?

6. Can we change the date of your tour and/or circuits?

7. I would like to join one of your tours but I don’t know how to ride a bicycle, what can I do?

8. We have a baby with us do you provide equipment for infants?

9. What is included in your tours?

10. Why don’t your excursions visit the villages of Cam Thanh, Tra Que, Cam Nam, Cam Ha and other places that are recommended in the popular tourist guides?

11. Why don’t you indicate the names of the places you visit?

12. Is there a reason that none of your tours offers the possibility of riding a water buffalo?