Heaven and Earth Bicycle Tours, More than a bicycle tour...

During our tours, we bring you the countryside to visit areas where many families often very poor. These people live in areas where tourism is non-existent. Yet, they are open, spontaneous and welcome us warmly without asking for anything in return.

But we would still like to thank them for their kindness and hospitality, so we try to help them make their daily lives more comfortable by donating something directly to these families, as well as offering aid to their locality.

Our bike tours are designed to help you discover another side of Vietnam, far from the tourist attractions. We also hope to offer some help these disadvantaged people in the countryside, often living under difficult and precarious conditions. Thanks to you, we can help them to improve their daily lives.

By developing our bicycle tours, we have been able to develop activities, partnerships and provide regular income to families in need.

Every year since 2009, our first year of operation, we donat directly or indirectly a few thousand U.S. dollars to the people who live in the countryside around our tour destinations, thanks to you.

Thank you,

Thu & Pascal