about Heaven and Earth cycling Tours in  Hoi An


Heaven and Earth was born out of a simple idea: To offer a variety of interesting tours to hidden places in and around Hoi An, different than the usual tourist itineraries offered by travel agencies.

Passionate about touring the countryside of Hoi An, I often came across places that were postcard perfect, where I spent days without coming across even one tourist.

I began to bring along my friends who visited me in Hoi An to these beautiful places, and eventually, their friends also asked me to take them on one of my tours. Each time we returned from one of my tours, my guests told me the same thing: “I have just spent the most enjoyable day of my visit to Vietnam”.

So following the advice of my friends, my wife, Thu and I decided to offer our bicycle tours to visitors to Hoi An and opened our office in my wife’s family’s home located, at 61 Ngo Quyen St. in Hoi An. Indicated on the map.

Since 2009 we regularly adapt our circuits so that they keep their authenticity despite the evolution of the countryside. We also create your tailor-made tours according to your requests.

You want to know what our tours look like and how your tour will be with us, click here.