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  1. Your reservation constitutes a contract in which the client accepts each of the following conditions. It is the responsibility of each participant to carefully read and understand the general conditions, which come into force at the time of payment.
  1. The Heaven and Earth Tour fact sheets explain what is included in the price and what is not included.
  2. On our web site the prices are indicated in USD while the prices indicated in our brochures are in VND. The conversion between USD and VND is based on a fixed annual rate and does not take into account the daily exchange rate. Le client will pay the amount indicated according to the chosen currency.
  3. Our rates are fixed and non-negotiable.
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  2. Heaven & Earth Tours cannot be held responsible for consequences of events not under their control, damages caused by participants nor expenses resulting from an accident, a natural disaster or problems of a political nature.
  3. Clients must be covered by individual travel insurance.
  4. Heaven & Earth Tours is not responsible for delays or impediments due to air or ground transportation.
  1. Before making a reservation, it is the client’s responsibility to inform the company of any physical or mental condition of a member of his party that may be relevant.
  2. Heaven and Earth Tours reserves the right to refuse to offer a circuit to a person when in the opinion of Heaven & Earth Tours, the circuit would be incompatible with the specific needs of this person. No responsibility is incumbent upon the company to provide an unsuitable circuit to anyone whose specific needs have not been revealed at the time of the reservation.
  1. For Cancellations made 24 hours in advance of your departure, your full amount will be refunded.
  2. For a cancellation less than 24 hours from your departure, 70% will be refunded.
  3. If you do not show up at the designated departure time without notifying us at least 12 hours in advance, no refund will be made.
  4. In the case of rain at the time of departure, you may choose to postpone your tour to another day or cancel your tour and receive a full refund.
  5. If you have paid through Paypal, your refund will be made through Paypal. In the case of a cash payment, your refund will be made at our office in the currency in which you made the payment.
  6. Once the tour has begun, no refund may be requested.
  7. Heaven and Earth Tours reserves the right to interrupt a tour at anytime. In this case you will receive a full or partial refund.
  1. You may change your reservation at any time without incurring fees.
  1. By internet: You may pay via the internet through Paypal at the time of your reservation.
  2. At our office: You may pay directly at our office. We accept VND (Vietnamese Dong), US Dollars and Euros.
  1. You must arrive 15 minutes before the tour departure time in order to register with our personnel.
  2. If you are not at our office at the start of the tour, the tour will leave without you and no refund can be requested.
  1. The price our tours DOES NOT include transportation to and from your hotel and our office.
  1. Heaven and Earth Tours will not refund and service not used during the trip.


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Don't forget about the heat.





Since 2009, Heaven and Earth has been offering more than just bicycle tours. Heaven and Earth is a state of mind. Our aim is to accompany you throughout the countryside to learn more about the Vietnamese and their customs. We take you into the heart of rural Vietnam, far from the usual tourist attractions. You will discover the country close up, to better understand the people and their history.

Tours unlike any others. 

During your ride, you will visit the real Vietnam, not visits organised for tourists, but only the authentic Vietnam. We will knock on the door of the villagers homes to personally meet them and discover their daily activities.

Certain visits are planned with our participating families, but depending on our activities and where we travel in the countryside, unpredicted visits are quite possible as well.

Heaven & Earth is also a dynamic, motivated team that enjoys sharing these moments with you.

Our aim is to see that you discover Vietnam under the best conditions.

In order to share this passion, it is important to be able to communicate. For this reason, our guides have an excellent level of the English language.

Your comfort and security are one of our priorities.Votre confort et votre sécurité sont l'une de nos priorités. We have a selection of a line of bicycles adapted to your physiognomy and to the tour you have selected. We even have tandem bicycles for those who who do not know how to bicycle.

Bicycle helmets are at your disposition as well as children’s seats meeting international standards.  

So that your tour is friendly and comfortable, we limit the size of our groups to a maximum of 8-10 participants depending on the tours. 

Likewise, if there are more than 3 participants in your group in addition to the guide, we will provide you with an English speaking assistant to make your tour as pleasant as possible.

Heaven and Earth offers you the opportunity to discover the real Vietnam under the best conditions possible.</




Here are the reasons why you can trust us to organize your bike tour.


1. Since its creation in 2009 Heaven and Earth is the Number 1 bicycle company in Hoi An. In these 12 years, we have more than 3,000 reviews with more than 90% of them, “excellent, 5 star”.


2. We hold an international license authorizing us to accommodate foreign tourists on our tours.


3. Security is our priority! We use quality equipment. Our helmets and baby seats meet international safety standards. Our fleet of more than 100 bikes is maintained by our professional mechanic and is renewed regularly.


4. We provide equipment suitable for the different tours we offer, with bike sizes ranging from children's bicycles from 5-6 years old to XL bikes for mountain bikes. We also have tandems for people who would like to join our tours and who do not know how to ride a bike.


5. Since 2009, we have continually offered a variety of original tours meeting the expectations of tourists looking for authenticity by going off the tour routes to discover a traditional Vietnam. We started with one tour in 2009 and today we offer more than a dozen tours, which we update regularly to adapt to the evolution of demand, and to keep our tours as exciting as ever. We continue to develop new tours each year to meet the expectations of our customers while maintaining the originality of the tours that have brought success. We can also meet your specific requests by creating a tailor-made tours to meet your needs, or offer you a private version of one of our standard tours with a guide just for your group.


6. Fair-trade tourism is part of our DNA. Since the creation of Heaven and Earth we have involved the people of the countryside as much as possible by developing partnerships with the inhabitants of the villages we pass through. We also work in collaboration with associations offer more help to these villages. Since we do not operate as a charity organization we do not widely communicate this. But if you would like to know more or would like to participate in our actions, we will be happy to give you more details.


7. The quality of our services is undoubtedly at the origin of our success. Each of our guides undergoes specific training lasting several months and have a very good level of English. If there are more than 4 people in a group, the guide is accompanied by an assistant and the size of each group is limited to provide the best possible service.


8. Always something new ... In 2014 we opened "My Grandma's Home Cooking" classes and in less than a year (according to Tripadvisor) we were in the top 5 of the best cooking classes in Hoi An. We used the same recipe for our new cooking classes as for our bike tours: quality and originality. In 2019 we started the “Memories Project” which consists of preserving historical heritage. As part of this project, we are in the process of restoring 3 "LaDalat" automobiles which were the first cars made in Vietnam, there are only 200 roadworthy cars remaining today. As part of this same project we have also restored a completely forgotten historical site “Le domaine du Mandarin”


Ultimately our customers are our best publicity. The majority of tourists use our services because they have been recommended by friends and travelers met during their stay.




CITY BICYCLE (Bicycle with Basket)

Bicycle standart with gear shimano 250px

Bicycle with a basket on a front for caring your camera, bac, a bottle of water. That bike is recommended for the tours  "Traditional Countryside Tours". A the seat on the back is available for caring the children from 6 years old who can't ride the children bicycle. 

ALL-ROAD BICYCLE (Asama bike Cross LX)

VTC with Shimano gears- use for all the tours Heaven and Earth

Hybrid bike with Shimano gears available in 2 different sizes

Recommended for all the tours except "Just for the Ride".


MTB Cube for bicycle tours

We choose the American brand "CANNONDALE"  and German "CUBE"  for our Moutain bikes. Available in different size 14" 17", 19", 21". This mountain bike is recommended for the tours "Adventure Tour", "Just For The Ride", "Indiana MTB tour". and multi-days tours.


bmx bicycle

We have many different kinds of bike for children with different size.

TANDEM BIKE for everybody

Tandem for all the familly

Un Tandem est a votre disposition. Pratique pour enmener une personne qui ne sait pas faire de velo ou pour le plaisir de partir a Deux.



Tour en velo avec siege bebe a Hoi An

Safe baby seats are available for free.  23 kg max.

The seat at the EU and international safety Norme.


 helmets and gloves available for free on request.



Available for the multi-days tours to help you to carry your bag.



THE STORY OF HEAVAN AND EARTH Heaven and Earth Bicycle Tours?

Heaven and Earth was born out of a simple idea: To offer a variety of interesting tours to hidden places in and around Hoi An, different than the usual tourist itineraries offered by travel agencies.

Passionate about touring the countryside of Hoi An, I often came across places that were postcard perfect, where I spent days without ...

A propos de  Heaven and Earth Tours a  Hoi An



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Heaven and Earth Bicycle Tours, More than a bicycle tour...

Our bike tours are designed to help you discover another side of Vietnam, far from the tourist attractions. We also hope to offer some help these disadvantaged people in the countryside, often living under difficult and precarious conditions. Thanks to you, we can help them to improve their daily lives.




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1. What type of bicycles do you use?

2. Do you have bicycles for children?

3. What equipment do you supply as part of the tour?

4. Why don’t we organize departures directly from your hotel?

5. What happens in the case of bad weather?

6. Can we change the date of your tour and/or circuits?

7. I would like to join one of your tours but I don’t know how to ride a bicycle, what can I do?

8. We have a baby with us do you provide equipment for infants?

9. What is included in your tours?

10. Why don’t your excursions visit the villages of Cam Thanh, Tra Que, Cam Nam, Cam Ha and other places that are recommended in the popular tourist guides?

11. Why don’t you indicate the names of the places you visit?

12. Is there a reason that none of your tours offers the possibility of riding a water buffalo?


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Join one of our cycling tours for an unconventional visit of Hoi An and its surroundings. Let us guide you on a discovery of the real Vietnam. Cycle leisurely through the countryside, off the beaten path of the regular tour group itineraries.

Pascal, French expat, and his wife, Thu, a native of Hoi An, invite you to come discover Hoi An and its surroundings, close-up, on a cycle tour. They will guide you to destinations that are not accessible to large tour groups. Together, you will explore little known places that maintain their charm and authenticity.

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